3 Tips When Completing International Background Checks
3 Tips When Completing International Background Checks

Completing background screenings on international candidates can be a difficult process. It takes longer and can be much more difficult to receive the necessary information to verify you’re hiring the right person. The time it takes to complete these checks can be frustrating for the employer and the candidate. Here are some tips for making the process of worldwide background checks easier.

Create an International Screening Policy

Most companies have strict guidelines on hiring new employees. The process should be the same no matter who you’re considering. This is done to ensure you hire the right people, that the hiring process is fair, and to protect the company. International screening is no different. You should have a screening policy within your company that everyone will follow. This will ensure that everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The policy should include who completes the background checks, what information is needed, and how the process continues. This will allow you to easily compare candidates to find the right one.

Plan for an Extended Timeline

Domestic background checks are pretty quick, usually being done within four or five days. International background checks are much more difficult and the timeframe largely depends on the country. Some countries are cooperative while others are more difficult to deal with. For this reason, some background checks can be done within days while others might take several weeks. It’s important to track approximately how long a check will be for the country that you’re dealing with. This will allow you to know the timeframe to expect when requesting certain information.

Stay in Contact with Job Candidates

It can be easy to lose communication with a candidate while you complete a background check. This can be troublesome because they might think that you’ve lost interest in them and look for another position. It’s important to continue to remain in contact with the candidate while the background check goes on. Keep them informed on the progress and make sure they know that you’re still considering them. It’s also a good idea to provide them with a time frame before the check begins. This will keep them from becoming frustrated at how long the process is taking. They’ll be more patient if they went into the process expecting it to be lengthy.

Completing international background checks is more difficult and time-consuming than completing domestic checks. This can create confusion and frustration with your candidate. These are three tips to make the process of completing worldwide background checks easier.