Whatever may be the size of the company, big or small, they have one very common approach to make sales online i.e. making a website. But making a website is not an easy task as it requires investment and manpower to handle. So, companies choose to go with hosting services for their websites, web applications, or mail servers. Most companies, in the beginning, prefer choosing a shared server rather than a dedicated server. But if a company needs control and power over a server, then they must go with dedicated servers. Preferring a dedicated server over a shared server has a lot of advantages like the angular server framework. 

Advantages Of Using A Dedicated Hosting Provider


  • Nothing To Share


A dedicated hosting server is all yours. This means all the powers and resources that come with these hosting servers can only be used by you. Moreover, using a dedicated hosting server will avoid clogging in the server’s CPU and RAM caused by other websites. Another benefit of using a dedicated server is that other website’s bad scripts won’t cause any issue to your server.


  • Performance And Security Gets Enhanced


When a server does not work under heavy load, it can perform and offer its 100 percent to the used. That means if your website is filled with heavy traffic, then with dedicated servers you need not worry about that as it will not slow down the process and will function with the same stability as it was before. Also with these hosting providers, you claim a safe space for your website by not sharing your server with any spam website. So, these dedicated servers are highly safe to host any website. 


  • Flexibility To Operate


In dedicated hosting servers, you are the sole occupier of the whole server which means you have the full flexibility to customize the server as per your requirements like CPU, RAM, software, etc. You can also add other frameworks like the angularjs server framework with those hosting providers who offer angular JS. So, the overall configuration of the server depends on you, and you have the control and power to optimize or change as per your needs. 


  • Unshared IP address


Dedicated hosting providers offer a unique IP address along with their servers. In shared servers, a single IP address is shared with several websites, this means if a website is doing any wrong activity with its website, then it will indirectly hamper your rankings in google. So, a unique IP address is way better than sharing it with others. 


  • No Headache For Maintenance Of Website


The dedicated hosting providers are well dedicated to offering their full fetched service to their clients. This means once you purchase the dedicated hosting server, you don’t have to take tension for maintenance or make any purchase further to optimize it. These servers offer a service of a full-server at a very low-cost making it suitable for most of the companies to choose it. 

Both shared and dedicated servers have their perks, but to be on a safe and better side, it’s always advised to stay away from the crowd. In the beginning, most of the companies prefer choosing the shared server, but more advantages are with the dedicated servers.