6 Helpful Ways To Improve Your Brand identity
Improve Your Brand identity

There is no need to tell that it is a tough task to increase the brand awareness. As per George Goyal Houston and the market, 89% of marketers claim to have brand awareness as their top goal. You might not be aware of some strategies that you can implement to increase your brand awareness. The following strategies are tried and tested by companies worldwide and hence George Goyal Houston brings them to you. Have a read and find something unique to increase your brand awareness. 

6 helpful ways to increase brand identity

  • Partner with trustable companies

If you ever get an opportunity to work with a well-known and trusted brand, never miss it. People will start to associate your brand with the partnered brand and if that brand is trustworthy, it is more likely that people feel same for your brand too. 

For example, if you have a partnership with apple, customers will feel more at ease at buying from you as you get “validated” due to trust over Apple. The end goal is triggering the mind of people with your brand when they think of the trusted brand. Such association increases your brand’s awareness. 

  • Make most of influencer marketing

Whether you hate it or love it, influencer marketing is highly accepted in modern times especially if your brand targets a younger age range. Studies and reports show that customers aged 18 to 34 have a higher tendency to be swayed through digital influencers. 

Basically, if you are using this to increase your brand awareness, you need to partner with few influencers having the biggest fan following. This is not necessarily going to bring you the most value but it can help to do so. In modern times where authenticity is valued most the micro-influencers come to help. Such micro-influencers may have a lower reach but they overtake top-tier talent and as per 61% of consumers, they tend to produce the most relatable content. If you want to increase brand awareness, you need to increase positive brand awareness. 

  • Harness power of content marketing

Content marketing is not only about keyword rankings and backlinks but is also an amazing way of telling a story. If you tell the correct story, one that can resonate with your target audience, it will result in increased brand awareness. 

Other marketing tactics such as paid ads can make people aware of your brand and what you are selling. Whereas content marketing shows what your brand represents and its qualities. It can be done using storytelling where you provide people with information on how you started, what you believe what are the values, how you succeeded and many more. This increases your chances of being remembered. 

  • SEO and brand awareness

There exist many ways to use SEO to increase brand awareness but here we will focus on targeting long-tail keywords. 

If you wish to get the most out of the search engines, opting for long-tail keywords is relevant, good for local search. The keyword must fit with your brand. Over time, the target or audience will search for a product or service from the category and will be exposed to the website and brand if well-positioned. 

  • Be aware of what is going around you

It is important of being aware of what is going around you and you should not only focus on the target audience but also on the marketing trends. For instance, if we consider video content, online video consumption is rising globally over the last few years. This consumption is expected to increase to 100 minutes of watch time per day in 2021. For now, 83% of marketers already believe that video is getting highly important, it is not a trend you must be left behind on. You can research how brands use video marketing on Facebook to increase brand awareness. 

  • Go offline

Out of numerous ways of getting attention, the offline method is the most underrated one. Increasing brand awareness on social media can work well but you must have an alternative. You can opt for industry events, conferences, sponsors, and many more mediums to go offline. Offline communications and meetings can help to grow personal brands and company brand identity at the same time. 


Unfortunately, many companies fail at measuring brand metrics and we wish you don’t be one of such. Hence George Goyal Houston brought you 6 helpful ways that improve your brand’s identity. It is crucial to measure the brand awareness levels, not only at the general or national level but also the target audience. Most important, don’t forget to beware of the brand awareness of your competitors. 

The above-mentioned details don’t show a complete list as there exist numerous ways to boost brand awareness. However, you can opt for these points as a good start. It is to be remembered that one should never depend on quick fixes to increase brand awareness nor he should opt for paths that can harm the business in the future.