7 Legal Translation Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

Legal translation is becoming increasingly important due to corporate globalization that has led to immense growth in international trade. Several companies require legal documents to be translated from one language to another for smooth business deals. However, legal document translation is a strenuous task that requires a lot of experience and familiarity with different legal terms and languages. A slight error in translation can lead to possible lawsuits, loss of money and other devastating consequences.

An important problem that may occur when businesses contract legal translation Dubai services is the discretion and confidentiality of information. When dealing with legal documents that contain sensitive information, it is crucial to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to ensure the success and security of your business.

In order for a perfectly translated legal document, these are the seven mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Using a Machine Translator

Legal document translation requires meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of contextual references that is impossible for a machine to understand. Hence, it is always advised to hire aprofessional company for the project.

  1. Hiring an inexperienced linguistic and legal expertise

Hiring a translator who is fluent in your native and targeted language is not enough for an error-free translation. It is necessary to appoint a translator who has adequate knowledge of the law and is able to accurately translate your document while keeping its original meaning and objective intact. A simple mistake can lead to loss of reputation for the business and considerable financial losses.

  1. Blunder of literal translation

An amateur translator can make the blunder of literal translation when it comes to translating legal documents. Legal documents usually comply with their local legal systems and cultures with specific legal terminologies. In different instances, a simple literal translation can completely alter the meaning of the original text leading to several complexities. A thorough understanding of different legal structures is of paramount importance for a translator.

  1. Last minute translations

Planning ahead saves you from a lot of difficulties. You can plan your translation projects ahead for a cost-effective and error-free translation. The best solution is to thoroughly discuss your document with your appointed translator for his better understanding of your business. You can also set some standardized terms commonly used in your legal documents and compile a glossary for your future projects. Last minute hassles and hurry can lead to an inadequate translation that can be problematic.

  1. Consistently changing your translation company

As mentioned above, it is an immense relief and a burden off your shoulders if you plan and standardize your pattern for different legal documents. It would not only save your time but also reduce the chances of various errors. However, this is only possible if you hire the same company for all your projects. Choosing a company that offers a complete solution with precision can be the best decision for your business.

  1. Inadequate knowledge of changing legal precedents

Laws in different countries are evolving and changing with the passage of time. In many countries such as England, a legal case can produce a different rule, commonly known as precedent. Different courts to pass judgments on similar cases then use these precedents. A good translator should be updated with such rulings and precedents to avoid any possible errors.

  1. Incorrect punctuation and word selection

A misplaced comma or full stop can completely change the meaning of the sentence. When translating from one language to another, such mistakes are commonly observed since most translators are unaware of the tone of the language. It is vital that any agency or translator responsible for the translation is not only fluent in the language but has knowledge about its grammar as well.

The intricacies of legal jargon in addition to complexities of different local languages, make precisely and accurately translating any document from one language to another exceptionally challenging.  As recommended above, choose your translator or translation company very wisely with the utmost care.

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