7 Weird and Surprising Usages of Lip-Smacking Chocolates

Chocolates have more benefits than you could ever imagine. It is beneficial and useful in so many ways. It is true if we say Chocolates are everyone’s best friend, just like diamonds are of girls. Chocolates are divine; one can lose self in chocolate paradise with its ultimate flavor of decadence. In these modern times, chocolates are not only used for consuming, but they are also used in so many ways and they are in all of the fields. Chocolates lately have also been elevated to the superfood status and are one of the most luxurious and versatile foodstuffs. Thus we are here with some interesting and surprising uses of mouth watering and lip smacking chocolates.

   1. Mood Changer

People generally crave food when they are not feeling good and chocolate is the most preferred food. The tryptophan in chocolate helps us lift our mood because of serotonin in the brain. One of the studies has also proved that chocolate’s taste and smell makes people jolly. Chocolate also helps produce dopamine in our body, it is a feel-good chemical and helps in the prevention of so many illnesses like Parkinson’s disease. When you consume dark chocolate it releases a type of hormone that is also released when one falls in love. Make chocolate delivery to your near and dear ones on a special occasion like anniversary and convey your sweetest anniversary wishes.

   2. Body Paint

Chocolate is very rich in antioxidants and so it can give you youthful skin. So nowadays we have so many skin care products of chocolates. So people slather themselves in decadent chocolate spread so that it gives extra nutrients to our skin and make it look glowing and healthy. It is also said the texture and the smell of the chocolate when applied to the body kick our mood. It is used for massaging also leaving you relaxed and it also calms your mind. Partners together use it and get romantic.

   3. As Currency

Earlier chocolate was also used as a standard exchange value to trade so many different types of goods. It was one of the most valuable trading commodity and most tradable goods in the whole world. It has been recorded that cocoa beans were also used to pay taxes by Mayans and Aztecs. Earlier in the world chocolate was as popular as coffee and supported chocolate products that are backed by Fair Trade. Chocolate was very valuable because cocoa beans weren’t found in abundant and that’s the reason they were considered valuable trading commodity.

   4. Used as Cosmetic

There are so many cosmetics products that have chocolate as their major content. There are lipsticks and lip balms that are made of chocolate as they moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated. It is also said the contouring kits and other eye shadows of brown shade have contents of chocolate as well as coffee in it. We have so many natural make brands coming forwards these days and all of these companies use chocolate and other natural products so that it doesn’t harm one’s skin.

   5. Wrap Gourmet Ingredients with

Chocolate is undoubtedly a gourmet ingredient which is usually paired with luxury goods like decadent fruits, cheese, and wine. But now it has moved forward and is infused with a number of items for exquisite flavors like gold, truffle, chili, bacon, Gouda cheese, and many others. It is now not only restricted to sweet varieties. The latest trend is wrapping bacon with chocolate, and it is such a treat for both bacon and chocolate lovers. There are more than a thousand different flavors that dark chocolate is paired with and it literally tastes like heaven.

   6. As Spa Treatment

Cocoa butter is rich, smooth and has a wonderful aroma. In spa, there is nowadays chocolate facial, chocolate wax, chocolate massage that is the experience of heaven.  As we told earlier it is rich in antioxidants it is so good for the skin. Hershey’s has also entered the market of organic and have a hotel where they have services like chocolate milk baths, cocoa bean polish for your whole body, chocolate shower, an hour-long chocolate fondue wrap and so many other cocoa-rich treatments that are going to do good to your skin. Send birthday chocolates online to your friends and family and wish them a very happy birthday.

   7. As Perfume

Not only is the taste but chocolate’s aroma also sending us directly to the chocolate paradise. It is used in so many skin care products to give it a special smell. There are so many perfume brands that have come up with so many fragrances of chocolate. People prefer chocolate perfumed fragrances as they attract a lot of other people as everyone loves chocolates. Thus one of the best uses of chocolate is perfumes and it is widely acclaimed all over the world. So if you want to impress your lady love, get scented with chocolate perfume and impress your lady already.

We hope now chocolate has widened its scope in your mind and you know its interesting uses.