Benefits of knowing the syllabus for an exam

The first step to start preparing for an exam is getting to know the complete syllabus for the exam. Many students when attempting an exam are not aware of the complete syllabus and feel regretful in the end. Also, students often lose marks for not having prepared for the questions asked from every nook and corner of the syllabus. Hence, it’s vital to know the syllabus for an exam fully before attempting it.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has a common syllabus which is followed by its students all over India. The textbooks for all the classes are centrally prepared by the National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) following a certain standard. For example, the students studying the Social Sciences for Class 6 will have to study three sections, which are History, Geography, And Civics (Social and Political Life). So, a student when preparing for his/her Social Sciences exam should meticulously go through the NCERT Syllabus class 6 Social Science to get a complete picture of the portions to study for the year.


Some key aspects of knowing the syllabus for an exam:

It provides students with a clear expectation of what they will be studying throughout the year. Explaining students on what is exactly required for them to study, when and why.Knowing the syllabus completely can provide confidence to a student to prepare thoroughly for an exam.Understanding the various concepts of higher classes will become easier if a student has a strong command over the current year’s syllabus. For instance, a student of CBSE having a good grip of Class 6 Social Studies this year can definitely cope with the NCERT Syllabus class 7 Social Science in the next academic year. Further, It can also help aspirants preparing for various exams for government jobs and other competitive entrance examinations.Helps students keep track of the entire course curriculum during and after the course completion. Students can also use it as a checklist for preparation or revision for their exams.


Therefore, knowing about the complete syllabus for an exam can be extremely beneficial to the students. It also increases the chance of attempting all the questions in the exam.