Best Apps for College Students

College is all about fun, laughter, enthusiasm, and love.

Except all of it is also about academics, assignments, time-management and much more.  Students often look for some Assignment Writing help online to get a perfect solution for all their assignment problems.

Nowadays, there are numerous options to get perfect homework help for the students online.

In this piece of write-up, we’ll make you say hello to the best applications which are highly recommended for the students and can help them in playing smart and study well.


There are countless tasks and to-do lists apps available out there, but nothing compares to Wunderlist’s ease and simplicity of use. As soon as you download the app. The first thing you’ll have to do is to create your list; the list can be either personal or for school or work.

By using this application, you get an excellent option of sharing various lists with several people by linking your contacts; you can share all your work with your boss, teammates, friends.

You also enjoy other features on the application like; Once you are done accomplishing the task, you can check the box, so that the task directly goes into the archive and does not distract you while you’re working on other chores.  

If you are a college student or a professional, this application is a must for your phone.

Focus Keeper

Being a student is no easy thing; you need a high-level of concentration to increase your productivity. With the help of Focus Keeper, you can improve your efficiency of studying and can avoid burnout. The amount of effort you put while studying is timed in 25 minutes or ‘your own set time,’ and also you can uphold for a 5-minute break to keep your mind fresh so that it can store more information.

You’re expected to complete four focus sessions, and once you’re done with that, you can go for a more extended break of 20 to 30 minutes before you start the next session of studies.

Well, this is a very good app., to keep a track of your time, and by using this application, you sure can learn to work with the time and not against it. This application is totally worth downloading.


It is not easy to manage your money! We are pretty sure that all the students would agree to this statement, well, now don’t you worry at all because MINT App can make your work simpler. By downloading this application on your phone, you can easily manage all your money by attaching your bank cards to the app so that you can keep track of your expenditure.

We totally believe that this application is a must-have for every college student because by using it, you can make categorical budgets to stick to something. You can limit all your expenditures by creating a limited budget, for example, you can set a grocery budget, partying budget, and all related stuff.


It is a perfect application for the students to find a treasure trove of inspiration and motivation. With the help of the videos which have been uploaded by the world’s remarkable teachers, you can search for any topic and can exactly find what you are looking for.

With the help of the videos which have been uploaded by the world’s remarkable teachers, you can search for any topic on the internet and can exactly find what you are looking for.

You always have the option of adding the videos to your favorite. This application can profoundly help you in your assignment writing, and whenever you’re asked to write an assignment, you can simply log in with Ted and can gather an ample amount of information with the help of the videos.


Quizlet is probably one of the best handy online study tools, many of you must have been using this application right from your middle school days, but for the students who haven’t used this application, we’d suggest you to download this app right away in your phone.

This application can again help you in writing your assignments and also makes the mastering of content pretty easy through 4 different types of flashcard learning.  You always have the option of choosing the best study mode that proves to be real effective for you.

Learn (multiple choice) flashcards.

Write (Fill in the Blanks)

Match- If you don’t wish to create your own study set. you can always go for the 150 million sets of learning created by several users.


College is all about notes; there is nothing more important than notes in the college, right? Or else how will you study for main exams?  This fantastic app, called Evernote helps keep everything streamlined and pretty much organized in one place.

You get the option of enhancing notes with checklists, attachments, links audio recordings and much more related stuff. With the free version of this application, you can sync all your notes across two devices, clip web pages, search for texts present inside the images, and more.

And the paid version of this application offers the ability to sync unlimited devices that too just at the price of $34.99 per year.

This application is highly recommended for the students by many academic experts.

My Study Life

This fantastic application can help you in organizing your classes, assignments, and exams perfectly. The best feature of using this application is that you get the liberty of syncing your data with the cloud and across all your devices.  Additionally, this app works offline, too, so you never have to worry about losing access without Wi-Fi.

This is a free application; we hope you have a good time browsing it.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has got all the answers. Type a question, formula, or a problem; this app can give you all your answers and also it can take you through the complete procedure. This application is a must-have for all the college students with a major in math, and the time-fee for buying Wolfram Alpha is only $2.99.

This application is apt for engineers, journalists, sportsman, and by downloading this app in your phone, you can discover trends and implement ideas just with a simple click.