Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Effectively Treat Cancer?

Cancer is a deadly disease and there are many types of different therapies used in treating it. However, some of the most widely used treatments cannot really bring the best results. For example, the highly popular radiotherapy can also damage healthy tissues during the treatment. This, in turn, creates hindrance in the optimal supply of blood and oxygen to the healing area.

Whereas, in oxygen therapy for cancer, a high amount of oxygen is supplied to the body in a pressurized setting. This ultimately increases more supply of oxygen into the bloodstream and consequently fasten the healing process.

In this treatment of oxygen cancer, people breathe 100% pure oxygen for at least 60 to 90 minutes in a chamber known as the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

When Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Is Used?

The prime and most popular use of this treatment is in cancer but there are many other conditions as well where it is highly effective.

It is used in:

  1.    Treating carbon monoxide poisoning and some deadly infections such as gangrene.
  2.    Healing body tissues which get damaged during radiotherapy treatment.
  3.    Diabetic foot ulcers and crushed limb injury.
  4.    Sudden hearing loss and bone infections that have not responded to antibiotics.

How does HBO Treatment work?

  1.    During this treatment, the oxygen level to the damaged area is increased above the normal level. This is because, in those particularly damaged areas, the oxygen level gets lowered due to any injury or illness.
  2.    This increased oxygen supply then boosts the growth of new blood vessels. That helps in the efficient carriage of blood and essential nutrients to the tissues by blood vessels.
  3.    It also helps in heightening the white blood cells ability to prevent infection and kill bacteria.
  4.    It also helps in reducing any pain, pressure, and swelling that occurs around the affected area.

What To Expect During This Therapy?

This therapy is usually done in a unit designed for one person or in a hyperbaric room to accommodate several people. A one-person unit is a mono-place unit where the patient lies down on a table that slides into a clear plastic tube.

A multipurpose hyperbaric room is similar to a large hospital room where treatment is done along with other patients.

Oxygen is generally supplied through a face mask or a clear hood which is placed over the head. The oxygen pressure that is given during hyperbaric oxygen treatment is usually two to three times more than the normal air pressure. A patient will feel a high level of fullness in ears similar to that we usually feel in an airplane.


Depending upon the health condition, the patient may need to take 20 to 40 sessions to treat cancer. Each session approximately lasts for two to three hours. It will then effectively treat cancer without leaving any damage to the tissues.


Cancer is mainly caused due to less supply of oxygen into cells and thus the best way to treat this oxygen cancer is through oxygen therapy for cancer.