Do you know everything about Transition glasses?

Eyeglasses are essential for many of us. For all those who have blurry vision, a pair of eyeglasses serve a very meaningful purpose. Same goes for sunglasses. Thought generally as a pair to pull out great fashion. They do much more than that. Protect our eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. Block the glares with polarised lenses. Sunglasses are also a great discovery. Some inventions like this are solving hassles in life. One such invention in the eyewear industry is of transition glasses. Also, known as Photochromic glasses.

Understand the working of  transition eyeglasses

A pair of transitions can work as both eyeglasses -improving blurry visions as well as sunglasses-block the UV. These pairs have some chemical solutions on them. Going by their name Transition- any pair having transition lenses changes the tint of the lenses from clear to dark depending on the intensity of UV light falling on them.

For example, if you are inside a building and you need your prescription glasses. They will become so. They are clear, just like you normal prescription glasses and do their work diligently. As there are no UV rays inside the room. Similarly, when you step out, the rays of the sun fall on your eyeglasses. Depending on the intensity of the UV rays present in the sunlight a pair of transition glasses will choose a tint for your sunglasses. If the weather is muggy they will have a lighter tint. If the sun is shining brightly they will be having dark tints on the sunglasses. Also, when you are going to enter any confined place again they will become crystal clear and adapt themselves in the same way as your eye lenses do.

What are the Pros of having transitions

  • Convenient: They are very versatile and convenient. These lenses can be a proper fit for any frame shape.  You will not need two separate pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Least chances of losing a pair too. Just make your favourite frames your sunglasses and your prescription glasses in a go!
  • Money saver: In general, people feel having photochromatic lenses on their glasses is costly. But they never think they are not going to separate pair of glasses and sunglasses. A pair like this is handy and saves great cost. They are your prescription eyeglasses, and in them, you are going to find your prescription sunglasses too. At the cost of one, you are going to get two pair of glasses.
  • UV protection: Stay protected from the harmful rays coming from the sun and even from the electronic devices that you use frequently. The transitions offer superior UV protection which further saves you from developing an eye problem due to UV rays too.
  • Effective prescription glasses andsunglasses: They are in any way not less than your sunglasses or eyeglasses. Offering healthy eyes and protecting you from the sun’s furry. A pair of glasses with transition lenses have many benefits why not you too try today?

Damn! You got a pair of glasses recently but wish for transitions

Many a time, we get our glasses but the lenses are not up to the mark. Or you might be in love with your old frames but the lenses left you in between. They got scratched, your power got increased, or you wish to add some protective coatings such as Anti-blue light or Anti-UV. And of course, reading so much about the transitions made you fall in love with them. You wish to add prescriptions to your sunglasses. And, you too want them on your next frame. You can reglaze sunglasses and glasses at budget-friendly prices with Specscart. Britain born startup will do this for you with a turnaround time of just 24 hours.

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