Easy Steps for Dishwasher Repair

How well it looks when you wish that your dishwasher never falls in for repair? How to troubleshoot when the dishwasher problem occurs?

Here, you need to know the common dishwasher problems and also, learn how dishwasher works. Fixing dishwasher isn’t an emergency but it is good to see that all your home appliances are functioning properly. 

You need to learn at least a few basics before you call the appliance repair technician who handles the problems of the dishwasher before it becomes too worse. If that doesn’t run properly, then you need to hire a good technician who helps you to repair your dishwasher. Always remember that a good understanding of how your dishwasher works are needed before you start working. 

Thus, here are some easy steps to make your dishwasher work again.

  • First, you need to understand how a dishwasher works. 
  • Then, you need to unplug the dishwasher and then shut off its electrical supply. 
  • After that, you can start to repair your dishwasher. If the methods you have tried are not working, then you have to call up the dishwasher repair person.
  • Now, you need to turn off the supply valve of water too. Try not to work inside the dishwasher just after the cycle is over because the dish drying element at the bottom may still be hot. 

Here is what to do when different problems arise:

The Dishwasher doesn’t run

If your dishwasher has stopped running even though it may be receiving power then here is what you have to do:

  • First, check the power outlet. Make sure that the power is on and the door of the dishwasher is latched. The controls should also be engaged. Still, if nothing happens, then the appliance may not be receiving power.
  • Look at the dishwasher’s cord plugs. These are under the sink. Then, check to see if there is an outlet GFCI receptacle that has got a reset button. If it has, then pushes reset. 

Or else, check the electrical panel which serves the dishwasher and then a tripped circuit breaker may be insight. It may be because of a blown fuse. So, in this condition, you either replace the fuse or just turn back to ON to reset the breaker. Then turn the circuit breaker and flip it back on to ON.

  • If not, check the dishwasher switches and the timer. If the electrical power is being taken by the dishwasher but the appliance isn’t working means that there is a defective door switch or the selector switch. Thus, figure out the problem that is it with the timer or the selector switch. If still nothing works, then it is better to call you a dishwasher repair person.

The Dishwasher does not fill 

  • If something is wrong with the water supply or the dishwasher is draining the water too soon then make sure that the water supply is turned on. 
  • Then, check the hot water supply stop valve. 
  • Then, if you still can not think of any other step, do this: Turn off the power to the dishwasher and when the dishwasher is not hot, then look at the floating part of the dishwasher. The float is known as a plastic dome mounted in the tub’s base in the interior of the dishwasher. So, simply rinse off the float and then place it back in the tube so that it can move up and down freely.
  • If not, just check the water inlet valve. You can shut off the water valve to the appliance. 
  • You can locate the dishwater water inlet valve and then disassemble the valve to simply reveal the screen. 
  • You can clean any kind of debris from the screen and then reassemble the valve. Make sure you check the water inlet valve, pressure switch, and the timer. Any of these can be faulty.

How do you handle a dishwasher which keeps on filling and does not stop?

Not filling the water or overfilling is the problem too. Thus, you need to make sure that you test the float switch. First, unplug the dishwasher and then reach the cabinet and simply lift the float switch. If it doesn’t come, then remove the plastic top from the stem and scrub the stem clean. Then, replace the dome-shaped thing. Test it with a multimeter as this reading will tell if you need to replace a dishwasher float switch or not.


Thus, there are other problems when the dishwasher doesn’t drain and all you have to do is to check the drain out for any block. Just clear the blockage and your dishwasher should do fine. If that is not the case, then, try and call a dishwasher repair technician who can help you with any kind of dishwasher leaks.