Everything You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty

A nose job or rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery done on the nose. It is basically done either to improve the functionality of the nose or to enhance the appearance of nose so that it looks good on your face.

It is mostly done for medical reasons such as to treat the breathing problems of the nose. It is basically done to correct disfigurement present in the inside structure of nose that usually results from trauma or birth defects.

Many people go for this best plastic surgeon near me for cosmetic reasons, which helps to transform the shape of their nose.

Deciding on a Nose Job

If you are looking forward to getting a professional nose job then it is better to set up an appointment with a well-recognized plastic surgeon near me and discuss it everything in detail. During your meet, it is important to discuss your desires and needs of your nose. You should be clear about the reasons that are compelling you go for this nose job.

Plastic surgery or rhinoplasty can surely improve the appearance and shape of your nose but it cannot be perfect in every case. A plastic surgeon can describe the types of nose shapes and size that will help you to look unique and tell you how you can change and enhance your appearance.

After Rhinoplasty Procedure

After the completion of rhinoplasty or reshaping the appearance and structure of the nose, the incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches. Plus, to give an optimal level of support and stabilize the nose for quick healing, the nasal airway splints are placed inside the nostrils. To make your nose bone and cartilage get healed quickly, bandages are applied outside the nose.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

The patient will feel some pain, swelling, and bruising under the eyes and at the upper part of the face as well. This type of pain is normal in all kinds of surgical procedures. The nasal splits, stitches, and bandages are removed after the first week of the surgery. In some cases, minor swelling also occurs for a few months after the completion of rhinoplasty. Any good and experienced plastic surgeon always use pre and post regimens and techniques to reduce the chances of excessive swelling and bruising that really helps in the quick recovery from this surgery.

Effects of Rhinoplasty surgery

  • This surgery can affect the appearance of your nose with respect to the overall facial features and looks.
  • The humps and depression of the nose will get improved with the help of a good Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • It will also help to reset the perfect and natural shape of your face that gets distorted due to large, wide, and upturned nostrils.
  • Nose width and bridge are also affected by this surgery.
  • The undesirable angle of the nose and upper lip can also be effectively improved with this Rhinoplasty surgery.


Always remember that there is no such magical thing as a perfect nose so it is better to choose the best plastic surgeon to get the best results.