How to give an impressive performance in Group discussion?

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument is an exchange of ignorance- Robert Quillen

This quote goes perfectly with the situation whichever management course aspirant goes through when appearing for the group discussion. Attending a group discussion is one of the steps every management student aspirant needs to go through. In fact, it is also a part of the hiring process in many companies. However, preparing well in advance for the GD is an important part, and the general tip to be a success in the session is to follow rules, be calm, and be clear in what you speak. When we talk about being clear in what you speak, it is about being crisp in English. GD is conducted in English and you need to be very crisp in what and how you speak. If you aren’t that great in terms of the language, then you have the option of taking up English Speaking Course Online. The online course is designed to infuse a sense of confidence in you and speak confidently.

Coming back to GD performance, let us get into some steps on how you can give an impressive performance in GD.

  • Preparation in Advance:

Your work begins way before you sit for the GD, and your performance will be good if you prepare well in advance. One of the ways to prepare is to find out the topics that are given at the institution or company you are applying for. Prepare as many as topics and cover them within the stipulated period. Get into the habit of active reading, rather than passive reading. This is because active reading will not only make your topic understand, but also helps in raising the question.

  • Be Crisp in Language and Tone: –

Moderators when attending the GD session, they check how well the candidate can speak in clear language and tone. You need to have complete control over what you speak and how well you can debate among others. Here, your English speaking ability also comes to the role. Taking up the English Speaking Course Online offered by the reputed institute will surely work on your side. This online speaking course offers telephonic training where students get a designated trainer who works on student’s vocab and grammar. So this builds a sense of confidence in you to attend the GD and speak confidently.

  • Take Charge: –

Take charge in the GD right at the beginning of the session. This will show your leadership capability to the core. Introduce the topic by setting the framework for ensuring discussion and state you opening point before leaving it to the group. Further, conclude the discussion by summing up all the points and state your thought accurately. Listening actively throughout the discussion is the best way to create a good impression.

Let us check some more points on what should be done and what shouldn’t in GD: –

  • You need to be natural as possible and be yourself rather faking things
  • Be updated on current topics so you can actively involve and state your points
  • Be assertive, yet humble. Learn to respect the values and opinions of others.
  • Grab the opportunity by placing your points and opinion. This will generally leave a good impression on the evaluator.
  • Make eye contact with participants to make the conversation interesting.
  • Use quotes, figures, and statements to make more impact on your point.

Conclusion: –

Group discussion is all about presenting your knowledge and communicating skill to evaluators. Whether you are looking forward to joining IIM or any company for a respective position, preparing well for the GD is certainly the right way to be impressive.