How to Prepare for Economics Class12?

In Commerce, economics is taxing but an interesting subject. For Arts and Commerce students, this subject is regarded as one of the major subjects.

Economics needs earnest effort, clarification of concepts because it includes both theory and mathematical parts. Little extra effort, regular practice, and skilled learning will undoubtedly help students to obtain good marks. Let’s look into a few guidelines that will help students channelize the reading in a constructive manner.

Books To Read

  • NCERT book is the bible for all the economic students as it is according to the syllabus directed by the CBSE.
  • Some reliable reference books available for Economics class 12 are T.S.Grewal, V K Ohri, and C B Sachdeva.

Definitions & Meaning of Concept

  • Students must understand the definitions and the logic behind it.
  • Memorize the definitions or meaning of each concept so that you can secure sure-shot marks.

Difference Between Questions

  • Distinguish or difference between questions should be represented in tabular form.
  • Make sure to show the basis for differences.

Graphs, Tables, and Formulas

  • In Economics, theories are backed by tabular and graphical image along with the formulas. Try to give all to score good marks.
  • Practice drawing graphs regularly to come up with the correct shape of curves. Use a pencil for all diagrams.
  • Tables that include calculations should be presented neatly, so there is no confusion while calculating.


  • In both Micro and Macro-economic numerical are important.
  • Questions related to the elasticity of demand and supply, Revenues and Costs, National income, etc, are often asked. Practice regularly including the diagram.


  • Make chapter-wise notes, to make it easy to revise later.
  • Mark difficult concepts in red color, it makes it easy to remember the concept that requires more concentration.

Revision & Practice

  • Put together all the economics notes, practice & sample papers, formula sheets and start revising.
  • Allocate time properly for each chapter, revise the concept, and economic notes that you have marked red.
  • Solve previous years’ examination papers to understand the question paper format. Try to finish within three hours.

The above-mentioned guideline can help you achieve good marks in Economics Class 12.  For more information in Economic notes, project, MCQs, and Economic Sample Paper Class 12 stay tuned to BYJU’S.