Oklahoma construction law attorney
construction law attorney


There are separate laws in the state of Oklahoma for protecting people following different professions and construction law is one among them. To protect the business interest relating to real estate, regulations were highly essential. Since this profession involves high risk, cases in this area can fetch the attorneys high profit. A construction attorney represents, defends, and process claims relating to real estate disputes. A construction lawyer irrespective of whether you are an architect, owner, building materials supplier, represents you in construction litigation or arbitration.

What is construction law

Construction law covers each stage of the construction of a building starting from planning till the completion of a building. The American construction law is very complex as the public, private and federal buildings have a separate set of laws. A talented construction lawyer should have a thorough knowledge of these laws. The construction law covers from the initial stage like bidding till the completion of the real estate, including any claims to be settled in the process. It also includes disputes relating to wages, any unforeseen complications that spring up during the construction process. To be successful in the profession, the construction attorneys will acquire an extensive knowledge of the construction site as if they have worked on the site personally.

What does a negotiation lawyer do?

Oklahoma construction law attorney job is to negotiate and create an agreement between the parties involved in a construction project and to represent the employer in case of a conflict. They have to overview whether all the legal requirements are completed during the process of construction. These attorneys have to interact with the respective construction department to ensure work is carried on without any hindrance.

What are the areas these construction lawyers cover?

  • Creating construction contracts.
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution.
  • Mediation.
  • Construction claims.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Project delivery system.
  • State-building codes.
  • Violations.
  • Labour issues.
  • Insurance cases.

How does a construction lawyer help contractors?

  • Draft necessary contracts: A construction lawyer helps the company or the owner to enter into a legally sound building contract. He ensures that all the legal provisions are satisfied and the contract is based on reasonable expectations. Furthermore, he has to thoroughly inspect the progress of the work, delays, insurance as well as deviations from plans if any. If any unforeseen contingencies spring up, he has to reports that as well.
  • Helps in receiving payment as per contract: A construction lawyer helps the contractor to receive complete payment and to recover the cost as per contract. If the contractor has any payments, unrecovered he can file suit to recover them. He can also file mechanics liens and claim suits against bonds due for payment.
  • Helps contractor with initiating proposals: A contract lawyer can request proposals, bid proposals, and help the contractor with the proper legal interpretation of the bidding.
  • Represent contractor for claims: A construction lawyer can make claims for any defects in the design, unforeseen contingencies, the extra time taken to complete the project due to unavoidable situations, and extra cost due to unavoidable stoppage of work.


In short, a construction attorney is a person who understands every aspect of construction work, including the job site, requesting bids, through the completion of the project. They aid the contractor to understand the real estate contract in and out and represent them in case of a conflict arising out of a construction contract.