The Most Trendy And Amazing Gadgets On The Market

Many of us work hard every day to provide their family with everything they need. In addition to performing their professional tasks, they also help at home and give themselves time to play or look after children. We know that is not easy, so now that it’s going to be your day, why not pamper him? In this guide, we bring you the best ideas for a geek person he may wish for.

1080P HD Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Give security with Nest Cam Outdoor, an outdoor security camera that features a minimalist design. It is resistant to hasty atmospheric changes, instantly notifies the cell phone when it detects suspicious activity. It has a wide angle view of 130º that will allow you to monitor the house in HD quality of 1080p. The night vision is an opportunity by its 8 infrared LEDs. It also includes an alarm, so you can make sounds and catch the attention of people near the house. Finally, the Nest Cam can be turned on or off by confirming the location from the cell phone.

VTIN 2 in 1 smartphone lens

Surprise with this great offer that will help you take the best pictures even from your smartphone! The Vtin 2 in 1 HD Professional package includes a 0.45X Wide Angle lens. When you need an extra field of view, a 10X Macro Lens that serves to enlarge several times to capture details of the tiny things. A universal clamp with rubber for Protect your phone from scratches and bumps, a Universal Clip help  you put the lenses in the part you want from your phone and a warranty for 45 days.

Moshi Napa Case for Galaxy S8 +

The Napa Case is for parents looking to protect their device without compromising style or design. It is the most suitable option for today’s modern dad. Napa Case is the case designed for Galaxy S8 +, which provides exceptional protection and accentuates the elegance of the device thanks to the use of premium materials. Its patented hybrid construction includes an internal shock absorber shell attached to an external hard-shell rupture-proof shell, providing military-grade fall protection EE. UU. (MIL-STD-810G, SGS certified), while its vegan leather back adds a touch of style to the design.

PS4 Hits Bundle

What better way to celebrate dad than with a videogame console and 3 games? The PS4 Hits Bundle includes a PS4 Slim console with 500GB of storage and the 3 Horizon Zero Down games, The Last of Us and Ratchet & Clank that have been acclaimed by critics. Therefore, your dad can play to fight with robot dinosaurs, survive in a world of the zombie apocalypse or play to save the universe with the last lombax and his robot friend. Oh, by the way: did I mention that the bundle includes 3 months of PS Plus?

Seaboard Rise Music Keyboard

As far as musical instruments are concerned, we must recognize that it is not easy to innovate. However, the Seaboard Rise keyboard has achieved just that: being an innovative product that completely changes the way musicians create their melodies. This keyboard is totally different from everything known, with an exterior made of high quality black anodized aluminum that gives it a different touch and makes it extremely light for transport. In addition, the keyboard works with a battery, allowing you to use it anywhere. It can be connected to any computer, tablet or smartphone to record with any software or hardware on the market. It is available in two and four octaves.

Lofree Wireless Keyboard

Mechanical keys in the 21st century? Yes, yes and YES. And rounded above, as in the first typewriters. Have they just failed to give it design more like the old Underwood? However, although it seems a keyboard of the oldest, it actually incorporates the most modern technology that exists because we are facing a Bluetooth device compatible with any computer – Windows and Mac -, tablet and mobile phone market that can connect up to three of them simultaneously. Available in different colors, this keyboard can be used with cable if you want, and it is backlit so you can use it even without any light in the room.