Top Facebook Updates that you just Can’t Afford to Miss

Top Facebook Updates that you just Can’t Afford to Miss

As several of you currently well apprehend, we tend to update this post each month in order that we are able to keep our data current in terms of what’s happening on Facebook.

Some months area unit a bit slower, rolling out simply a couple of changes to the platform.

This is not one in every one of those months.

In May, we’ve had most happen within the world of the Facebook customer support  empire– together with the traveler and its sister company WhatsApp– that it even stunned me!

In this update, we’ll take a glance the least bit the new changes, what they mean for marketers and businesses, and the way you’ll leverage these novelties for your business.

There are loads to hide, therefore let’s start.

Facebook Releases Their Q1 2019 Earnings

We all hear individuals claiming they’ll be swearing off Facebooks, that they’re fed up ads, that they’re troubled concerning privacy. Those area units legitimate grievances to people who have them… however, they don’t tell the total story.

In Facebook‘s recent report wherever they shared their Q1 earnings and alternative relevant information, it’s clear that they’ve seen a rise of usage across its entire family of apps (that’s are Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp).

Even a lot of consideration, they’ve seen the twenty-sixth increase in year-over-year advertising revenue. Mobile advertising, especially, grew, increasing from ninety-one of the entire advertising revenue to ninety-three.

Some individuals could also be over Facebook. That’s fully fine.

There’s enough usage happening here, however, to still build Facebook ads worthy for brands, particularly people who wish to stay running those ad campaigns.

Facebook’s formula Changes once more

Facebook likes to throw a couple of curveballs our manner, and they’re dynamic the formula another time to StayAmerica on our toes (and, you know, improve the complete user expertise and everyone that).

They just proclaimed 2 totally different ranking updates to have an effect on what individuals area unit seeing in their feeds.

The first prioritizes friends that the individual user is possible to need to listen to from (based on past engagement) and also the second focuses on increasing visibility to the links that the user may realize most beneficial.

While having a lot of relevant content occurrence in users’ feeds appears like a dream, Facebook’s past algorithms haven’t continuously been friendly to Pages with their declining organic reach.

Facebook has claimed, however, that these formula updates aren’t designed to impact Pages; they’ve additionally hinted that if you’re sharing links that your audience can realize valuable, it should even assist you.

Value very is that the name of the sport straight away in social media, that is why options like teams area unit therefore vital. We’ll cross-check this a bit a lot of in barely a second.

Updated Interface Prioritizes Community & Stories

Last month, Facebook proclaimed associate updated interface for each its desktop web site and mobile app. It’s a bit sleeker and it’s a bit a lot of intuitive. The app is additionally a little bit quicker.

There is a giant modification, though, which will have an effect on brands distinctly: the location is prioritizing Stories, groups, and events currently over ever before.

These options area unit center stage, that isn’t surprising; they’ve been given increasing visibility over the past year, particularly with cluster content being a number of the best-graded content within the formula in several cases.

The mobile app has already extended for many users, and also the desktop web site is slowly being extended over consequent few months.

If you aren’t up to hurry with victimization Facebook for community-building however, now could be your probability. Take into account making a gaggle encompassing your whole that provides real worth to your audience; AdEspresso has one for its University members, and that I will attest abundantly |what proportion|what quantity} worth is shared there and the way much the community gains not solely from our consultants like Paul Fairbrother, however from the opposite members, too. You’ll recreate this along with your own whole.

You should even be creating robust use of Stories for heightened visibility (especially since they’re a well-liked feature that isn’t suffering from organic reach), and taking advantage of events anytime you’ve got something you wish to promote– even though it’s online. Finding new ways in which to leverage these changes to remain relevant and visuals are going to be key.

Messenger have to Update, Too

Facebook gets an associate update, therefore it solely is sensible that traveler will, too, right? per Facebook, travelers are going to be obtaining a “lighter, faster” mobile app and desktop web site at some purpose later this year.

We know that Facebook has expressed interest in desegregation 3 of its electronic messaging apps– traveler, WhatsApp, and Instagram direct– in order that they keep 3 standalone apps however area unit comparatively seamlessly integrated. This might be one step towards that, as they’re re-engineering the design of the platform fully. They need it to be quicker and easier for users to use, specializing in chat however additionally giving video co-watching skills.

It looks like they’re making an attempt to form traveler a lot of immersive for users in multiple ways in which, encouraging usage across the board. This is often excellent news for advertisers successfully running totally different types of traveler Ads, as a result of a lot of usages might mean a lot of potential placements on the board.

New Updates to Video Ranking

In early might, Facebook shared that they change however videos area unit graded within the platform, and so distributed within the newsfeed. Now, they’ll be prioritizing 3 factors:

Loyalty and intent, which has intent and repeat viewership. If individuals area unit observation videos, seeking them out and returning to look at the week when a week (in terms of a video series or content from a creator), that’ll gain priority.

Viewing length of Facebook customer service phone numbers needs to examine that videos area unit capturing users’ attention for a minimum of one minute, therefore those who keep viewers engaged (especially if they’re a minimum of 3 minutes long) can see a bump within the rankings.

Originality in shopworn or repurposed content may even see restricted distribution, particularly if you’re sharing content from alternative sources and not adding the abundant worth of your own. Content concerned in sharing schemes (which usually involve programs, unofficial or otherwise, that area unit comparatively simple to spot) also will be lowered within the ranks.

When you’re making a video, certify that you’re giving worth. Area unit you keeping your audience entertained? Do your videos contain enough data or diversion that you’re not losing individuals left and right? Video content takes time and energy to make, therefore concentrate on quality over amount 1st.

New Business Tools area unit Rolling Out for traveler

Facebook is rolling out some new business tools aboard these new interfaces. Messenger, especially, goes to induce a brand new set of drop-in choices like appointment-booking functions, lead generation templates, and straightforward authentication which will build it easier for brands to produce client care and drive actions like lead generation or maybe in-store traffic.

More users than ever area unit connecting with businesses on social media, that the ability to contour this method during a manner that’s valuable to each the client and also the whole is outstanding news. Integrations of appointment creation and lead generation are going to be vastly useful, as a result of native options area unit continuously sensible. Users will even add appointments on to their calendars with one click of the button, increasing the chance of a follow through.

These options area unit still in beta-testing, however, we’re hoping to examine them later this year.

Messenger Codes area unit Being light Out

Messenger’s camera presently has the potential to scan “Messenger Codes,” that area unit essential QR codes designed for Messenger’s app. Facebook is going to be ending this capability as of August fifteenth of this year.

This is a touch of a disappointment for brands United Nations agency use this feature to drive users to induce involved in the traveler, however, it’s not the tip of the globe. If you’re willing to take a position in Facebook Ads, you’ll run ads designed to encourage users to message you directly, too, providing you with new ways in which to get a lot of conversations along with your audience.

You can use traveler Codes up till the August point, therefore be happy to be victimization them up till then and begin considering alternative strategies to induce users involved on the platform.

WhatsApp’s Business Catalog is increasing Globally

WhatsApp– that could be a sister company of Facebook, that is why we’re together with it here– has an unbelievable update coming back within the close to future. Their users can before long be able to see the brand’s Business Catalog once chatting with them in-app, permitting businesses to showcase a lot of-of their product during an extremely visible manner.

The catalog can embrace descriptions and pictures of the product, just like what you see on Shoppable posts that Facebook and Instagram already provide. It’ll be exciting to examine however these options businesses advertising on the platform, therefore we’ll keep you tuned as they begin to roll out.


See, told you there have been plenty of changes coming back our manner. Most of those align with Facebook’s massive push towards giving users the content they’re possibly to need to examine and act with, that is ultimately sensible for brands desperate to connect with them. Sure, it sets the bar high for content which will build it through the ring, however if you adapt and concentrate on genuinely connecting along with your audience rather than simply shouting sale data at them, you’ll be in good condition (or a minimum of higher than your competition, that is what matters most!).