Waterborne Diseases: The Threat Of Life

These days the waterborne disease is one of the primary cause of death in the world. All the country in the world, both developed and developing countries are suffering from waterborne illness. According to the WHO, more than 80% of total death occurs due to the waterborne diseases and the primary cause of the waterborne illness are drinking of contaminated or polluted water. Thus drinking of contaminated water can be life-threatening. But drinking of pure and healthy water is not possible until your drinking water is treated correctly.

Nowadays almost every freshwater source is polluted due to several human activities such as dumping of domestic waste and industrial waste into the freshwater bodies. Dumping of wastes into water bodies converts the water into the home of numerous diseases and makes the water unsafe for the drinking purpose. The consumption of contaminated water causes millions of death every year in the whole world.

How You Can Avoid Waterborne Disease

The waterborne disease can be avoided by access to safe and healthy drinking water. There is various water purification system which allows you to access purest drinking water. Water purification is a process which treats the contaminated water and brings healthy and purest water. There are various methods used to treat contaminated water, but a water purifier is the best way to treat water impurities.

A water purifier comes up with various techniques such as RO, i.e., reverse osmosis, UV, i.e., ultra violate, UF, i.e., Ultra-Filtration and many others. All this technology is proven to eliminate water contamination. Generally, water contains various kinds of pollutant in water, such as biological and chemical. A water purifier can remove both types of impurities.

Why You Should Drink Healthy Water

The consumption of pure & healthy water is essential for all human beings because it helps in various body function such as digestion, removal of toxic waste, etc. The human body contains approximately 70% water, and even a loss of 1% of water leads to the dehydration. Thus drinking of water is essential for healthy living. But the same can disturb your body health if it is not contamination free.

Which Water Purifier Is Best?

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